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Javascript: Types of Operators

1. Arithmatic Operators :-

1. +(Addition)
2. -(Subtraction)
3. *(Multiplication)
4. /(Division)
5. %(Modules)
6. --(Returns the value then Increment)
7. ++(Returns the value then Decrement)

2. Logical Operators :-

1. &&(Logical AND)
2. ||(Logical OR)
3. !(Logical NOT)

3. Comparison Operators :-

1. ==(Equality)
!=(Not Equal)
3. ===(Strictly Equal)
4. !==(Stricty not Eqaul)
5. <(Less than)
6. >(Greater than)
7. <=(Less than or Equalto)
8. >=(Greater than or Equalto)

4. Assignment Operator :-


5. Conditional Operator :-

The coditional operator ? and : are sometimes called ternary operators since they take three operand the condition is to be evaluated two alternative values to be written depending on truth or false of the condition.

condition?value1 : value2

6. Special Operator :-

1. Delete Operator: The delete operator is used to delete a object or a element of a array index.

2. New Operator: To create a new object of a type array and assign this array a memory.

myarray=new Array();

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