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Javascript: Type of Variable

Javascript consist of four types of Variable.

1. Integer: Number consist of integer and floating values.
2. String: A string user sequence of 1 or more than 1 characters that are enclosed by doublequotes(" ") or singlequotes(' ').
3. Bool: Boolean consist of Logical values i.e. True or False.
4. Null: Null consist of single value. Null which identifies null, empty or not existing reference.


<titleTypes of Variable</title>

<script language="javascript">
var intval=30;
var floatval=8.50;
var stringval="Hello";
var booleanval=true;
document.write("Integer value = " + intval + "<br>");
document.write("Float value = " + floatval + "<br>");
document.write("String value = " + stringval + "<br>");
document.write("Boolean value = " + booleanval + "<br>");



Integer value = 30
Float value = 8.5
String value = Hello
Boolean value = true

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